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Twinkle Baby Diaper

Twinkle Baby Diaper

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Twinkle Baby Diaper

Savlon Twinkle Baby Diaper is a soft Diaper and it feels like mother touch. It is a super Quality Baby Diaper. This Diaper helps vigilant and as cautious as the mother’s instincts to make the baby healthy and happy. It relieves the mother’s tension by having zero leakage. It has a wetness Indicator system that tells a mom when the diaper needs to be changed.

This Diaper Company is a Bangladeshi Brand and it is now quite popular in Bangladesh. Twinkle Baby diaper has all the good quality like other Diapers. Pampers Baby Diaper is the world's no 1 baby diaper and Savlon baby diaper has all the qualities like Pampers Baby Diaper.

 A mother can relieve the tension in nurturing her beloved little child, The Brand ACI provides The Savlon Twinkle to make mothers happy and not to be tensed for the diapers. Savlon Twinkle baby diaper products began its journey in the year 2017. The softness of this diaper provides maximum comfort to the babies to have a sound sleep.

Some Reason to buy Savlon Twinkle Baby Diaper:

  • 1 Night protection: full night sound sleep 
  • Softness: soft enough for maximum comfort of your baby
  • Elastic Ears: elastic ears to ensure the best fit and comfort
  • Air Flows: allows the flow of air, so your baby always stays dry
  • Zero leakage: Leg cuffs and high absorption ensure zero leakage
  • Wetness Indicator: Special wetness indicator tells moms when needs to be changed

Savlon Twinkle Baby Diaper care about the comfort of your Cute Baby. So these Diapers have now become an important part of every baby and for their family

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