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Mothercare Baby Diaper

Mothercare Baby Diaper

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Mothercare Baby Diaper। Baby Diaper | Diaper | Pampers |

Baby deserves the best careMothercare baby Diaper can be the best solution to take care of your baby. Quick Absorb Pants style diapers are designed with an absorption layer. zig-zag channels help in equal distribution of wetness. It has a faster absorption system which makes your baby healthy and keeps fit. The anti-rash soft layer is gentle on the baby’s skin. It also helps the baby irritation-free & happy. Triple lock side cuffs lock the wetness. Mothercare diaper provides up to 12* hours of absorption to give your baby a fresh morning


Mothercare baby diapers prevent heaviness as it urine does not get collected at one place due to the crisscross absorbent sheet. It has stretchable thigh support and prevents thigh leakage. It can absorb 7 glasses of urine and the diaper will not look heavy. Soft elasticated band and easy-to-fit diapers. 

Features and Benefits

  • avoids wetness from getting collected in one place 
  • helps in equal distribution
  • Support up to 12* hr absorption. 
  • Wide Absorption area for maximum dryness
  • The Anti-rash layer gentle on the baby's delicate skin and protects against rashes
  • Mothercare diaper has a 3x absorption layer for quick absorption
  • Triple lock side cuffs prevent side leakage
  • Easy to wear & remove
  •  Closure type elastic waistband
  • Type: Pant Diapers
  • Suitable for: 4-8kgs

Safety Warning:

  • For disposing of the used diaper, roll it up completely and throw it in the wet waste dust bin
  • do not flush the diaper
  • keep away from flammable sources
  • keep the polybag away from the child