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Nannys Baby Diaper

Nannys Baby Diaper

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Introducing Nanny's Diapers in Nanny's Flexicare Diapers are one of the most Premium diapers available in the Bangladesh Diaper Market. Parents are buying these diapers for their babies.

Nannys Baby Diapers are so soft and good for your baby's health. 


Pampers is the Best chosen diaper from all over the world. Like pampers, Nannys Diapers are of good quality.


  • Soft and breathable nonwoven surface
  • enables fluid to pass through quickly
  • keep surface dry and comfortable
  • Elastic waist fits 
  • the pants-like design provides a better fastening
  • Imported pulp & SAP to absorb the fluid 
  • prevent the side leakage effectively.
  • Origin: Cyprus
  • Brand: Nanny's
  • Size: 1 Newborn
  • Allowable weight of baby:2-5 kg
  • Super absorbent
  • Elastic tapes. Belt system.
  • An affordable, yet good quality diaper
  • Comfortable, contoured fit
  • Poly back sheet

Linette is the manufacturer of branded baby and adult diapers in Cyprus. This company successfully marketed in 16 countries.

Since 1984. Linette has been serving the Cyprus market with its products Nannys baby diapers and adult diapers. 

You will never get The best product at the Best price on Our Website. 

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