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The Massage 5 Super Slim Amazing Slimming Belt, Slimming Belt is a newly designed product combing point physical therapy theory with exercise science.Its unique design aids slimming, toxin eliminating and Massaging.The belt stimulates the points that will help you to loose weight. It decomposes your body fat into pieces, enabling weight loss without any side effects.The Massage 5 Super Slim Amazing Slimming Belt has two motors, and the Vibration of the belt has a perfectly balanced dual massage program to deliver a more invigorating massage by working on both right and left sides of each muscle group.It dislodges excessive fats in the body and protects the body from obesity. It encourages easy digestion of foods by stimulating lazy intestines and facilitates excretion of waste products and pollutants from the body. It improves micro cycling, for brighter and more beautiful skin and a stronger, slimmer figure. It smoothes pregnancy wrinkles, stimulating galactophore to develop an elegant shape. It stimulates and improves mammary glands and breast increase without side effects. The built–in magnets help to adjust the balance of the “Human Life Force Energy” in your body. Weight Reducing Belt (L) is designed to help you lose weight and form a beautiful shape.It is controlled by a mini computer system and integrates an intelligent control, choice of heat and vibration massage therapies.It can be worn around the waist, neck, legs and arms and it massages with regulated heat, multiple rubbing balls and strong vibration – the quake can get down to 3-5 centimeters under the skin.This speeds up blood circulation to eliminate fatigue, chronic waist pains and muscle aches.It helps to burn fat cells and increases their metabolism, to help shape the waist.The points magnetic wave breast enhancer can potently massage and stimulate the three main points of breast (Qimen, Tianchi, Shanzhong), consequently accelerating the blood circulation, promoting galactophore growth, improving the flat and flabby breast, which brings round and upright breast curve, make you become a woman with beautiful curves.5 Supper Slim5 Super Slim Amazing Slimming Belt This 5 Super Slim Amazing Slimming Belt is designed to keep you in a fit and slim body figure, featured with 5 premium quality motors, 20 massaging magnets and 2 customized vibration intensity ( Strong, Weak ), it gives you a 360-deg full-range weight loss and fat burning quickly. Literally, a private coach for you to help build healthy and shapely body.Main Features:● Multifunctional – relax and slim The slim belt helps to lose weight, enhance metabolism, promote blood circulation, massage tired muscles, reduce stiffness and pain, restore muscle elasticity, also beneficial to waist, spine, hip, knees, hands, legs, thighs or shoulders.● 5 Super Slim Amazing Slimming Belt times vibration massage.5 premium quality motors work at the same time in high frequency of even vibration to release over-used muscles, effective to fitness, massage, slim and ease fatigue● Magnetic therapy20 magnets of massage stones form a 360-degree surround magnetic field, evenly massage all body parts to lose weight and burn fat rapidly ● Two customized modes — Strong and Weak Two modes of Strong and Weak vibration intensity can be selected to keep you fit and slim in different needs ● Adjustable belt length The belt length can be adjusted with nylon loops to fit most people ● Ergonomic design Scientifically supports waist, keeps the waist naturally upright to improve sitting position ● Wide applications This ultra-thin belt can be used in most body parts you want, such as the waist, back, buttocks, arms, legs, thighs, shouldersInstructions for User:Fasten the safety belt on your body and adjust to the proper tightness. Connect to the assigned power adapter and plug in. Press the “on / off” switch button, and then select the “Strong” or “Weak” mode. The product can be inserted directly into the 12V smoking socket of a car Not Intended for Following Users:Patients who use pacemaker or with metal implanted in the bone. Pregnant women. In 6 months after surgery Women with heavy periods People with renal failure Patients of malignant tumor Warm Prompt: 1.It is normal to feel itchy, sweated or numbed after use, don’t worry, it will disappear after a certain period of using 2.Better to drink a glass of warm water after using the product 3.Do not clean it with water, it can only be wiped on the surface with a damp cloth 4.After continuous use for 40mins, rest the belt for at least 2 -3 hours to extend its lifespan 5.Do not try to disassemble the belt such as the magnets and vibration motor, or it may be damaged in wrong operations5 Supper Slim5 Supper Slim5 Supper Slim5 Supper Slim5 Supper Slim5 Supper Slim

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